Default people at the template level allow you to specify a person, or people, who should be assigned a specific template at a property.

Prior to this feature, the default worker had to be set at the department level - meaning a person would have to be assigned to every task within that department.

At the template level, I can specify who should be assigned to Snow Plow at the property, who completes the landscaping work, or which PM should always be completing the Owner Arrival Inspection.

To setup default workers at the template level, visit the property you would like to edit, and then select 'People'.

At the top, I have the department level default. Koryn should be assigned to every clean created at this property, Kelsey and Nate should be assigned to every inspection, and there is no default maintenance worker. 

Under Task Templates is where you can set an individual to override the default at the department level. For example. Kelsey & Nate complete all inspections except for the Owner Arrival Inspections - those are done by Ellie. 

Similar to the department level default workers, multiple people can be assigned to a task template default - both will be assigned simultaneously.

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