Breezeway users with the role of 'Administrator' can now access, view, and restore tasks that have been deleted within their account.

The addition of Deleted Tasks improves visibility into tasks being deleted by team members, which helps in ensuring that nothing is missed.

To access deleted tasks as an Admin, visit the 'Tasks' page on the left hand side. From here, you will see an option for Deleted Tasks.

From here, you can search by Task Name, or Task ID, or use the filters to narrow down the search.

To find more information about the task, once clicking on it, you can open the task details. This will allow you to see comments, photos, or additional information from the task.

At the bottom of the page, view Task History to see the events associated with the task, including who deleted it.

Restoring Tasks

Finally, to restore a deleted task, use the checkboxes to the left of the task to Restore all selected tasks.

Once you click Restore, the tasks will be moved from Deleted, to the task department where it originated.

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