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In order for properties from VRM to feed over to Breezeway, there are a couple easy steps that need to be completed first.

Important note: All new properties in VRM need to be opted in.

Set up The Vacation Bridge in VRM

Once The Vacation Bridge has been set up to connect properties in VRM to Breezeway, the properties have to be assigned to the Web Portal Group in VRM before they will be fed to the 3rd Party Portal.

To assign properties to the Breezeway Portal

  1. Select the Sysconfig Module

  2. Select the Website button

  3. Select the Portal tab

  4. Highlight the Breezeway portal option

  5. Select the Manage button

Properties are assigned to Web Portals by selecting the check box beside the property’s name and then clicking the ‘Add >>’ button.

Multiple properties can be assigned to a Web Portal at the same time by selecting multiple boxes before clicking ‘Add >>’.

Property Data

The following property fields will be uploaded and edited on a nightly basis in the feed from VRM:

  1. Property Name/Headline

  2. Address/Unit/City/State/Zip/Country

    1. Location

    2. Property Type

    3. Description (Note: The description that is fed to the 3rd Party Portal through The Vacation Bridge is the information in the ‘Long Desc’ field located under Update Property Info > Update Property, not the one entered under ‘Web Groups’.)

  3. Bedrooms/Bathrooms/Sleeps

  4. Amenities

  5. Rates

  6. Check In/Check Out times

  7. Min Stay

  8. Security Deposit

  9. Calendar

Additional notes on property data

Name of the Property/Headline, Short Description, Long Description, and the City can be changed at the Portal level.

This option allows you to upload and display different information on the 3rd party sites than is being shown on the client’s regular website.

  • Sysconfig > Website > Portal > Breezeway portal > Update Property Info > Select Property > Update Property.

Also under Sysconfig > Website > Portal > Breezeway portal > Update Property Info > Select Property > Update Property, the portal ‘Amenities’ and the ‘Property Type’ will be used in the Portal Feed.

  • If no amenities are assigned here they will NOT be any fed to the portal.

  • The default ‘Property Type’ is ‘Private Home’. If a different property type is needed it can be selected here.

When a the information is being set up or edited for a portal, be sure NOT to edit the ‘Name’, ‘Portal Code’, ‘Password’, or ‘Active Configuration’ under Sysconfig > Website > Portal > Breezeway portal > Edit.

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