Property Status allows you to create custom in-progress statuses to better manage the standard tasks that need to be completed at all properties between reservations.

You can also use this feature to quickly identify when your team has reported an urgent issue that would 'Block' the next guest from checking in, and identify the properties that have been vacant for a while that might need a refresh clean.

Note: This is a new version of the property ready status that is also currently available in our Labs. You can only have one enabled.

Enabling Property Status

To enable property status:

  1. Go to account settings

  2. Select property

  3. Toggle on property status

Once the feature toggle is turned on, the property status settings will appear.

In-Progress Status Settings


In-Progress statuses are used to define the tasks that need to be completed at every property before the property is 'Ready' for the next guest.

An In-Progress status should only be created if there is at least one templated task that corresponds to that status, that needs to be completed at every property.

Once an In-Progress status is created, the property will require that at least one task is completed per In-Progress status in order for the property to be 'Ready'.

For example, if you have two In-Progress statuses:

  • Cleaning

  • Inspecting

This means that all your properties will require at least one cleaning and one inspecting task in order to be 'Ready'.

Creating a new In-Progress Status

To create a new In-Progress status:

  1. Type the name of the in-progress status in the text field

  2. Click Add Status

Once an In-Progress status is created, it will appear below. You can drag and drop the statuses to change the order in which you want them to display.

Assign Task Templates to In-Progress Statuses

Once you have your preferred In-Progress statuses created, go to the Tasks page to select the templates that you want to correspond with each status.

In the template table you will see a new column with a dropdown to selecting the In-Progress status.

All clean and inspect templates will automatically be selected for the two 'cleaned 'and 'inspected' in-progress statuses that are pre-populated by Breezeway when you first enable this feature.

Vacancy Settings

Vacancy Days can be toggled on or off. When it is on, you can select the number of days that a property can have the status 'Ready' before changing the status back to 'Dirty' automatically.

How is vacancy calculated?

  • The day the property becomes 'Ready' is counted in the vacancy days. For example, if a property is 'Ready' on Monday, Monday is day 1 of the property being vacant.

  • If the property status changes to in-progress or blocked at any point, we recalculate from the next time the property becomes 'Ready'.

Blocked Status Priority

The Urgent priority is the only priority level that will update a property's status to 'Blocked'.

Any task or reported issue that is associated with a reservation, with a priority of Urgent, will change the property status to 'Blocked'.

The status will remain Blocked until the task is completed or closed out.

Sub Status Blocked:

If a templated task associated with an In-Progress status is given an urgent priority, a new sub-status will appear.

The new In-Progress is marked with the 'Blocked' icon, and the property status will be considered blocked.

Next up!

Now that you've adjusted your property status settings, you've created you In-Progress statuses, you've selected your templates....

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