Property Statuses Explained


  • You'll see this status when a user starts at least one task that corresponds with an In-Progress status.

  • You will see 'In-Progress' as the status not the actual status label (e.g. cleaning, inspecting)

  • If all tasks are completed, and you create another task, the property status will update to 'In-Progress' because there is a new task that isn't completed or closed.


  • All tasks under each In-Progress status are completed, including any 'Urgent' tasks that could have blocked the property.


  • A task or reported issue with an 'Urgent' priority was created at a property before the next a check-in event.


  • There was checkout at the property so the status changes from 'Occupied' to 'Dirty'.

  • If vacancy rules are enabled, and the number of vacant days the user set up have passed, the property status changes from 'Ready' to 'Dirty'


  • There was a check-in at the property so the status changed from 'Dirty', 'In-Progress', 'Ready', or 'Blocked' to Occupied.

  • While a property is Occupied:

    • The property status dropdown will not appear

    • The property status will not update to 'In-Progress'

    • The property status will not update to 'Blocked'

Note: We do not prevent check-in if the property status is not 'Ready'. In theory the property status can be at any status and a guest can be checked-in.

Interpreting the Ready Progress Icons in the Dashboard

The ready progress column shows you a high level view all of the In-Progress statuses.

Each icon represents the state of an individual In-Progress status. You can hover over each icon to see the In-Progress status and what the current state is.

Dotted circle: Not Scheduled

  • There are no tasks scheduled for that In-Progress status.

  • A task template must be assigned to an In-Progress status in order to see the scheduled task appear.

Solid circle: Not Started

  • At least one task is scheduled for that In-Progress status at the property.

  • The work isn't started yet, but a task exists. The task may or may not be assigned.

Half filled circle: In-Progress

  • An In-Progress status has a task that has started.

  • More than one In-Progress status tasks have been started.

Check mark circle: Completed

  • The tasks scheduled for that In-Progress status are all completed. This also includes Blocked statuses.

Red crossed circle: Blocked

  • This is a unique icon that only shows up when a blocking task exists at a property.

  • The icon will only show the blocked icon. Hover over the icon to see if it is active or complete.

Interpreting the Property Status Dropdown

The property status dropdown shows a detailed list of the In-Progress statuses and their tasks.

  • Each In-progress Status has its own section. (e.g. cleaning, inspecting).

  • You can see the ready progress icon next to the In-Progress status name.

The dropdown represents ALL of the work that needs to be done at the property between reservations, before the next check-in.

For example: Sullivan Escape, has a check out today. There are two tasks assigned for today:

  • Standard Departure Clean

  • Post Clean Inspection

Both of these tasks are showing in the Tasks Today column. Additionally we also see a Detailed Arrival inspection in the drop down, which isn't scheduled for today. But looking at the Gap Nights column, we can see that the next check-in is on Jan 31st.

If we go to Jan 31st on the Dashboard, you'll see the next check-in, and you'll see this Detailed Arrival Inspection task.

This is to explain that the Property Status Dropdown is not so much a to-do list for the day, but rather a to-do list before the next check-in event.

At the bottom of the dropdown is the 'Ready' section. This will only update when all tasks for each In-Progress section are completed.

If there is a blocking task, the blocked sub status will appear at the top of the dropdown.

You'll see the Property Status Dropdown in the Dashboard, as well as the Schedule page. You can filter by property status.

Manipulating Property Statuses

From 'In-Progress' to 'Ready'

  • Manually close out the remaining tasks

  • Deleting remaining tasks

    • This will only work if there is at least one other completed task for that particular property status.

    • Example: Since the Basic Clean is already completed, I could delete the Standard Departure Clean to move the property to a 'Ready' status.

  • Remove the task templates from the in-progress status.

    • Consider that this will remove it as a requirement across all properties.

    • Example: If I don't want the Breezeway Added: Arrival Inspection to be considered in the property status, I can remove it.

From 'Blocked' to 'Ready' or returning it to the previous state

  • Change the priority of the task or issue that is blocking the property from 'Urgent' to any other status

  • Delete the task or issue with 'Urgent' Priority

  • Manually close out the task or issue

From 'Ready' to 'Dirty

  • Delete all of the tasks on the dropdown

Want to revisit how to set up custom In-Progress Statuses?

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