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Connect Guesty & Breezeway
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Connecting your Guesty account

Use the steps below to connect your Guesty account to Breezeway.

1) Locate Breezeway in your Guesty account

Find Breezeway by searching in the main Guesty search

Alternatively, go to the Marketplace (Integrations > Marketplace) and locate Breezeway there.

2) Get your Integration Token

On bottom right of the Breezeway's tile click "Connect".

Once the integration token appears, copy it to your clipboard by clicking on the "copy" symbol next to it.

3) Use your token to connect Guesty in Breezeway

In Breezeway go to Settings > Integrations.

Locate the Guesty integration, and click “Add”.

In the field for Integration Token, paste in your Guesty Integration Token and click “Connect”

After you have successfully connected your Guesty account, your properties and reservations will begin loading shortly!

Onboarding with active properties

If active properties are detected during onboarding - you will be presented with two options for enabling the integration.

1. Add new integration

Selecting 'Add new integration' will create new Breezeway properties that are connected to the Guesty integration.

If your properties are currently connected to another integration, and you are looking to connect them with Guesty, follow the instructions below for Migrate to integration.

2. Migrate to integration

Migrating to Guesty allows you to connect existing Breezeway properties to Guesty. Selecting this option will take you to a property matching step, so we can automatically replace reservations from the current integration, with reservations from Guesty.

Once you are taken to the migration step, you will match Guesty properties to those existing in Breezeway, as seen below.

Note: You do not have to match all properties.

- Properties left unmatched in the Guesty property list will be created as new Breezeway properties
- Properties left unmatched in the Breezeway property list will experience no change

Once properties are matched, select the 'Complete migration' button in the top right corner. This will prompt a confirmation step, that will outline how properties will be updated based on which were matched.

When a property is migrated, we are matching the reservations between the new integration (Guesty) and the existing reservations from the original integration.

This step could take a while given the number of properties being migrated.

Finally, you will be taken to the Connected Properties page. This page will list all Breezeway properties that are connected to Guesty.

If new properties were created from Guesty, then they would also appear on this list.

You can access the Connected properties page at any time by selecting 'Settings' from the menu.

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