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NOTE: If you are switching PMS Partners it is important to notify Breezeway Support. Adding the integration will cause duplication of properties if you already have an integration enabled. If this is the case, please notify your Account Manager, or Contact Support so we can set up a PMS migration for you.

Step 1

Opt-In Instructions for Escapia

1. In Escapia, click on Admin > Setup > VRBO Software Partner:

2. Locate Breezeway Homes, Inc and click 'Manage Partner'.

3. Select Admin > Setup > EscapiaNET > Network Partners

4. Check the box for Breezeway, scroll down and click "Save & Continue".

5. Select 'Breezeway' under Network Partners to distribute your units.

6. On the next screen, you will select each property you wish to share by checking the box.

Note: this must be done on every property you are sharing with Breezeway.

7. You will 'Edit Permissions' for Breezeway Homes, Inc. You will check the boxes for

  • Enable Partner

  • Can Access Unit Addresses

  • Can Access Unit Door Codes

  • Can Acces Unit Complimentary Nights

  • Method Acces Permissions

8. Once thes steps are completed, Breezeway should have the access necessary to begin working with your property and reservation data. Please email us to confirm this has been completed and our team will begin working on your account.

For additional assistance, please contact your software support group.

Connect your Escapia account in Breezeway

  1. In your Breezeway account go to Settings > Integrations

  2. Locate the Escapia integration and click the “Add” button

3. Enter your Escapia Company ID and click ‘Connect’

Once your account is successfully connected your properties and reservations will begin loading shortly!

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