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What does this integration do?

Linking your NoiseAware and Breezeway accounts gives Breezeway the ability to message your guests for you when they get too loud!

Breezeway will send up to two SMS messages to your guest automatically if they are making noise above the NoiseAware thresholds at your property.

How do I connect my accounts?

The first step will be to ensure you have an active NoiseAware AND Breezeway account.

  • Not a NoiseAware client: If you don't currently have a NoiseAware account, you can purchase through their website to get started.

  • Not a Breezeway client (yet!): If you arenโ€™t in the process of getting a Breezeway account you can either visit Request a Demo, or you can click on the Breezeway integration from the 'Integrations' tab of your NoiseAware dashboard to automatically share your information with Breezeway and get started.

Once you have active accounts on both platforms, you will need to ensure NoiseAware is installed and online at your properties.

The final step is to log into your NoiseAware account to match your properties across NoiseAware and Breezeway and turn on AutoResolve.

How many alerts does the guest get?

The guest will receive up to two notifications if they are consistently noisy.

  1. The first message is sent as soon as 10-minutes after they cross the noise threshold for your property, depending on the guest's noise trends.

  2. If the noise continues for another 10-minutes, then they are sent a follow up message.

If the noise continues for another 10-minutes, then you are sent a notification of the guests continual noise.

It is up to you how you would like to proceed, but we recommend a call to the guest or a visit to the property when possible. No further messages will be automated at this point.

How do I know when a guest has been messaged?

You can see a log of the SMS messages within in your Breezeway account.

How can I take advantage of this?

Click the 'Integrations' tab from within your NoiseAware account, and "Connect" to Breezeway.

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