Connect Beds24 & Breezeway
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Step 1: Allow API Access

Go to Settings (Account)--Account Access

Enter the following information

  • API Key: {Breezeway generated 32 character token}

  • API Key Access: allow any IP

  • IP Whitelist: leave blank

  • Allow Writes: No

  • Property Access: Owned by this account only

Step 2: Set your property keys

You may already have this done, but for each of the properties you want Breezeway to have access to, you will need to create a property key. For each property in the drop down add a propKey (should be 16 characters or longer and be unique).

  • Go to (Settings) Properties > Access

  • Add a 'propKey' your propKey should be 16 characters or longer and unique (you can not use the same key more than once.

  • SAVE

  • Repeat for each property you want to connect.

Step 3: Click the link and download the document.

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Step 4: Add your Property Code, Properties, and property information to the CSV file.

Step 5: Once this is complete, please email the CSV to and include your name and company in the subject line.

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