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Accessing Property Status in Breezeway's Mobile app
Accessing Property Status in Breezeway's Mobile app

Quickly view a property's status in Breezeway’s Mobile app to track progress towards property status.

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Property status is included on the Dashboard view of Breezeway’s mobile app, which Administrator and Supervisors can access (learn more here). Your company must also have Property Status enabled to view this improvement (to learn more about Property Status, view this Help Guide).

How it works

Understanding how a property status is progressing during busy turn days is essential to driving operational efficiency within your business. Once property status is set up, you can easily view Property Status in the mobile Dashboard.

Navigate to the Dashboard and you'll see small icons next to the property name that indicates the property status.

You will also notice a new option in filters, which allows you to view properties by property

status by selecting the inverted triangle in the top right corner of the screen.

Once in the filter view, select the status you want to see and click Apply.

To learn more about the status of a particular property and see additional details, simply click into the task and view the status indicator, located under the address.

Here you will see more details of what tasks are included within property status and this view provides additional insight into the status of each task.

Here you can see tasks that are:

1) Assigned, but not scheduled.

2) Scheduled and assigned, but not started.

3) In-progress.

4) Completed.

As always, our team is here to help you find success with Breezeway's platform. Don't hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or our Support team to learn more!

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