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Step 1: Sync with your PMS or Airbnb Account
Step 1: Sync with your PMS or Airbnb Account

This article explains the importance of and how to sync your PMS or Airbnb account.

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The first step in your account setup involves syncing either your PMS or Airbnb account to your new Breezeway account.

This is an extremely simple and quick process that'll ensure all your properties and reservations start to populate inside your Breezeway account. We recommend syncing your PMS or Airbnb account ASAP for a fast and easy onboarding experience.

You can watch a short video on this process, here.

Syncing your PMS Account

Breezeway integrates with numerous PMS accounts, and each one follows a different process. You can find the list and instructions on how to setup each PMS account, here.

Syncing your Airbnb Account

You can find the instructions on how to sync your Airbnb account, here.

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