Step 2: Invite your Team

This article explains how to create users and what the different user roles entail.

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The next step to your account setup involves creating user accounts for your team. This will also walk you through what the varying user roles mean and what level of system access they'll grant.

You can watch a short video on the process, here.

Adding a New User

1. Click on your initials in the bottom left corner, and then select Manage People.
Here you will see a list of all the users in your account.

2. Click on the + Add a person button on the top right corner.

3. Once the fly-out appears, you'll be able to enter the new user's:

  • Contact Information: Name, Last Name, Email.

  • User Role: read the next section to learn about the different types of roles.

  • Department: A user can be associated with one, two, or all three departments.

  • Property Groups: Choose which property groups this user has access to when you send them the invite. They will only have access to the groups you add them to. If you want them to have access to all the groups, leave the All Groups box checked.

If you want to add users but are not ready to give them access yet, you can add them and uncheck the Send Invite box. You'll be able to send them the invite later when you are ready. If you want to invite them right away, leave the box checked.

User Roles

There are 5 internal user roles in Breezeway, each with their own permissions.

  • Administrator: Access to view and edit all data, including the ability to add and remove users and properties.

  • Supervisor: Access to view and edit data for the department(s) they have access to. They can be supervisors for more than one department, for example, an individual can supervise Cleanings and Inspections. Supervisors cannot add or delete users and properties, and can not change the company settings.

  • Representatives: They only have access to the app, and the tasks that get assigned to them.

  • Office: Typically used for Guest and Reservation services. Read-only access to view all data, cannot edit or delete users, clients or properties. They can create new tasks, issues and add comments on tasks.

  • Service Partner: Invite third-party companies to accept/decline tasks and manage them through their own Breezeway account

User Profile

Once a user has been added, you'll be able to look at their User Profile by clicking on their name in the Manage People page.

Account Details: You can see user contact information and user details. You can edit the user and change their role, update their access to groups, and whether or not they can accept/decline tasks. You can also assign a task from the user page by selecting the (+) in the top right corner.

Calendar: View all the tasks assigned to the user for a given month.
Availability: Include the user's workable hours.

Notifications: View the notifications the user has opted into. Please note you cannot change these - only the user themselves can do this. The user can update these preferences in the mobile app or desktop.

Please note that you will not see Notification preferences for Service Partners, or for users that have not accepted the invitation.

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