Step 8: Set Your Company Permissions

This article details how to customize your account's global permissions across your departments and staff.

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The next step in getting your account setup involves the customization of your company permissions. This will influence what level of system and data access your three, separate departments will have.

You can watch a short video on this process, here.


From the General Settings, you'll want to navigate to the left sub-navigational menu and select Permissions.

Task Details

  • Display task timer to reps: Enabling this feature will allow your reps to see the task timer as they are completing the task. If this is not enabled, they will just see the task status (i.e. in progress, overdue, etc.)

  • Display rate paid to reps: Display the piece or hourly rate associated with the task to the rep in the mobile app.

  • Allow reps to add Supplies to tasks: allows your field staff to access the pre-loaded Supplies list in your account.

Reservation Details

  • Display next reservation to reps: Here is where you can control if representatives have access to see when the next reservation takes place at a property where they are assigned a task.

  • Display reservation notes to reps: Here is where you may specify if representatives can see reservation notes for stays at properties where they are assigned a task.

  • Display housekeeping notes: Here is where you can determine if representatives can see housekeeping notes from your PMS for stays at properties where they are assigned a task.

  • Display additional reservation details to reps: Here is where you will decide if representatives can see additional reservation data, which includes Guest phone number and email, Guest arrival and departure codes, and Reservation ID.

Property Details

Operations App

  • Disable photo gallery & attachments for reps: This will remove the ability for reps to access photos that were previously taken and stored on their device. When a photo is required, the rep must use their camera to take the photo. You can control this at the department level.

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