Step 9: Complete Tasks in the Mobile App

This article offers a general breakdown on how to use the mobile app to complete tasks.

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Step 9 is dedicated to exploring the functionality of the mobile app. In particular, this article will run through the highlights on how your team will be able to start using the mobile app to complete tasks immediately.

You can watch a short video on this process, here.

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Downloading the Mobile App

The Breezeway Mobile App can be downloaded for free on either the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store.

Logging into the Mobile App

You'll use the same credentials to login to your account on the mobile app as you would the desktop computer.

If this is your first time logging into Breezeway, check your email to see if you received an email from Breezeway with your account credentials. If you don't see anything, please contact your Supervisor about getting those credentials sent to you.

Navigating the My Tasks Page

Logging into the mobile app will launch you directly to your My Tasks page.

Here is where you'll be able to see all of the tasks assigned to you for today.

It's important to note, as well, that Representatives will only be able to see the tasks assigned to them.

You'll also see any Overdue Tasks on this page, as well. This is to ensure that these tasks remain visible and not fall through the cracks.

The tabs at the top of the screen allow you to adjust the timeframe of the tasks shown on this page.

  • Calendar Icon - This allows you to customize the date range for tasks to surface on the mobile app.

  • Today - This tab shows all of the tasks assigned to you for today.

  • Tomorrow - Selecting this tab will surface all tasks assigned to you for tomorrow.

  • Week - This tab reveals all tasks assigned to you for the week.

  • All - This option here will show you all of the tasks assigned to you.

Starting Tasks in the Mobile App

To start completing tasks in the mobile app, you'll want to select the task in question from your My Tasks page. This will then open up the individual task page, which should look like this:

From here, you have two different ways to initiate the task:

  1. Selecting the Requirements box in the middle of the task page. This will then direct you to the template screen. From here you want to select the Start button at the top to begin working the task in the app.

2. The other way to start working the template is to select the big blue box at the bottom of the page, Start Task. This will similarly navigate you to the task and automatically check the Start button so that you can begin working it immediately.

Completing Requirements in the Mobile App

Completing requirements located on the template is a very simple and straightforward process.

At the top of template you can toggle between the differing Sections, which are determined by both the template the property information.

Depending on the section you select, you will then see a list of requirements to complete. This should look like this:

Here, you'll see the checklist broken down into two separate levels - Rooms and Items. In the example above, the Kitchen is the Room. Inside that room, you'll find the Dishwasher, which is an Item.

At any of these levels (Sections, Rooms, Items) you might encounter a requirement to complete.

In order to complete the individual requirement, you'll need to satisfy the condition outlined in the Checklist box. In the example above, all that is needed is to select the Checklist button. This will then mark the individual requirement as completed.

There are 7 different requirement options that can be added to the template. For an explanation on how those will look in the mobile app, please refer to this article.

Completing the Task in the Mobile App

You'll need to go through each of the sections in the template and complete all of the requirements. Once you've completed all of the individual requirements, the requirement counter at the top of the checklist will indicate that X out of X have been completed.

Additionally, the Complete button in the top-right corner of the screen will suddenly be active and allow you to click on it.

Once you click on the Complete button, you'll be brought to the Summary page, where you may leave a summary of the task. This is not required to complete the task.

Clicking Save in the top-right corner of the screen will then finalize the completion of the task, as you can see below:

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