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Linked Reservations
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Linked reservations make it even easier to associate tasks with specific reservations, which can make task tracking and billing much more efficient.

Task Details

You can access Linked reservations through the task details.

  1. Select the task from the schedule page.

  2. Click on the box with the arrow to enter the Task Details page.

3. On the Task Details page, you will see Linked and Related reservations. Related reservations refer to reservations whose check-in and check-out dates coincide with a task's due date, but aren't linked to a specific task. This offers additional insight into other reservations occuring around the same time. Changing a task due date may remove or replace the related reservations shown.

Adding Linked Reservations Manually

To link a reservation manually, you will follow the steps above to access the task details.

  1. From the Task Details page, select 'Link reservation.'

  2. The reservation search field will appear and may show up to 4 suggested reservations displayed in the dropdown.

    1. If you do not see the reservation you need in the suggestions, you can search for reservations by the Internal ID, External ID, or Alternative ID.

Select the reservation to link. The reservation will then be linked to the task and its details will be displayed in the Linked reservations section.

  1. You can remove the link by hovering over the linked reservation and clicking the 'X.'

  2. You can copy the reservation ID to your clipboard by hovering over the ID and clicking the copy icon that appears.

Multiple tasks can be linked to the same reservation, however, each individual task can only be connected to a single reservation. The 'Link reservation' button will not appear for tasks that are already linked to a reservation.

Linked Tasks Section

When a reservation's flyout or details page is viewed, there are two sections: Linked Tasks and Related Tasks.

Automated Workflows

Tasks and reservations can be automatically linked through Automated Workflows. When a task is created from a template in a New Reservation or Occupancy workflow, the task will automatically be linked to the corresponding reservation.

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Guide Reported Issues

When a guest reports an issue through their verified Guide experience, the task created for the reported issue will automatically be linked to the reservation associated with the reporting guest.

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