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Step 6: Add Default Workers to each Property
Step 6: Add Default Workers to each Property

This article will walk you through how to attach your team to individual properties.

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This next steps shows you how to match particular cleaners, inspectors, or maintenance staff to specific properties.


Default Workers allow you to designate the people that always clean, inspect or do maintenance tasks at each property.

Setting up default workers will allow you to automatically assign a person to a task, or a specific template when it gets scheduled both manually or by the autoscheduler.

Setting Up Default Workers

1) Go to the property you want to set up default workers for

2) Click on 'Template Modifiers' and select 'People'

You'll have the ability to set up both Department and Task Template defaults.

  • Department Defaults: These are the people who should be assigned to any task within the department. In the example above, Koryn is the default cleaner. She should be assigned to every clean at the property.

  • Task Templates: This allows me to specify who should be assigned if I schedule a specific template. If Koryn does all cleans, except for the Deep Cleans at the property, I could assign someone else to the Deep Cleans. The Task Template overrides the department default.

    โ€‹Additionally, I can create a number of Maintenance templates such as Snow Plow or Air Filter, which are assigned to a specific person, even if I don't have a default maintenance person in the department defaults.

Bulk Adding Default Workers

Please reach out to your implementation specialist or to get a CSV file to bulk upload default workers for all your properties

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