Connect LiveRez Ignite & Breezeway
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Step 1: Enable Breezeway in LiveRez Ignite

  1. From your LiveRez Ignite account, activate the Breezeway integration

    1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Breezeway

    2. Once you find Breezeway, switch the toggle to “Active"

    3. This should also expose your Company ID/API Key (see Step 2 below)

2. All properties must be made visible to Breezeway from within LiveRez Ignite.
Steps to do so in bulk:

  1. In LiveRez Ignite go to Settings > Integrations > Breezeway

  2. Locate the properties in the section at the bottom of the page

  3. Check off all properties to be made visible to Breezeway

  4. Click the Save button

Steps to enable a single property:

  1. Make sure property is set to active (published)

  2. Go to the Distribution Tab

  3. Locate Breezeway and click the toggle from “Off” to “On”

Step 2: Locate your API Key

  1. From LMPM, locate your Company ID (this is exposed once the integration is enabled in Step 1)

    1. This will be your 'API Key' in Breezeway

Step 3: Add the API Key to Breezeway

In Breezeway visit Settings in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Then select the Integrations tab from the menu.

Locate the LMPM integration, and click “Add”

In the field for Integration Token, paste in your API Key (Company ID) and click “Connect”

After you have successfully connected your account, your properties and reservations will begin loading shortly!

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