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Connect 365Villas & Breezeway
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NOTE: If you are switching PMS Partners, or migrating from iCals to an integration, it is important to notify Breezeway Support. Adding the integration could cause duplication of properties if you already have an integration enabled. If this is the case, please notify your Account Manager, or Contact Support so we can set up a PMS migration for you.

Connecting your 365Villas account

Use the steps below to connect your 365Villas account to Breezeway.

Step 1: Navigate to the API & Integrations Section of 365Villas

From the Account Settings menu, select the 'API & Integrations' option.

Step 2: Find your Company Reference ID

  1. Find and select the Breezeway logo from the Third-Party Integrations tab.

  2. Once selected, you will be presented with your Company Reference ID

  3. Copy your Company Reference ID and send it to

Step 3: Select the properties to send to your Breezeway account

Select the properties you would like to sync to Breezeway. Only the properties you select in this step will be created as properties in your Breezeway account.

Once your Company Reference ID is provided to Breezeway (see Step 2), the connection will be made. From there, your properties and reservations will begin to load, as they are opted in during Step 3.

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