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Before getting started, please confirm you are running OPERA Cloud and have an active subscription for OPERA Cloud Foundation.

In order to onboard Opera with Breezeway, there are several steps that must be taken once confirming that you have the correct subscription.

Step 1: Find Breezeway in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Click Get App

Step 2: Provide Breezeway with the following information

  • Production or Non Production

  • Region: One of Ashburn/Frankfurt/Mumbai/Sydney/Melbourne/Singapore

  • Tenant / Chain Code

  • Hotel ID: If you have multiple Hotels to connect, you may need to provide multiple Hotel IDs.

  • SSD URL: The URL on which to create an integration user.

For more instructions on how to find this information, find Opera's guide here.

Once Breezeway has this information, we will take several steps on our side to create an integration user. After that, please continue with the following steps.

Step 3: Provide Breezeway with Access

  1. Login to SSD to locate the Integration User request

  2. Claim the request and approve the user (Breezeway)

The Chain Admin user should also confirm the “WSACCESS” role is assigned to the newly created integration user.

Once approved, we will receive an email confirming this action is complete.

Breezeway will complete onboarding from here!

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