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Administrators, Supervisors and Office users that work across multiple companies can use one login for each company workspace. Read on to learn more!


When a user is invited to more than one company in Breezeway, they will see a dropdown when they navigate to their initials/photo in the bottom left corner. From there, users can toggle between accounts.

**Please note this is only available to Administrators, Supervisors and Office user roles.

Mobile App

In the Mobile App, users will navigate to the main page via the 3 lines in the top left corner. At the top of the screen, users will see a down arrow.

By selecting the arrow, all companies will appear and allow users to toggle between companies.

Once a workspace is selected, the mobile app will re-load and display the following for that company:

Dashboard- Displays for Administrators, Supervisors, Office roles

Properties- Displays for Administrators and Supervisors

Company Offers- Displays for Administrators and Supervisors at Service Partner companies

If an existing user already is working with multiple accounts, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or the Support team at and we can help you make the switch!

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