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Task Route
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This feature in the mobile app allows users to get directions to all properties where they are doing work that day. Read on to learn more!

Enabling Task Route

Task Routes is enabled on the individual user level, within the Mobile App.

  • Select the 3 lines in the top left corner of the mobile app.

  • Navigate to your name at the bottom of the screen.

  • Select App settings. Toggle on Task route to enable the feature.

Using Task Route

Once enabled, the user will see a Task Route button at the top of the screen on the Today view. When the button is selected, the mobile app will push all of the properties into the the device's navigation service.

***Navigation services include Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Google Maps via the device web browser. The last option would be utilized when the other 2 are not available on the device.

The sort order pushed into the navigation service will reflect the order of the tasks in the Today view in the mobile app. After the destinations have pushed into the navigation service, users can remove, add, and update the sort order. These changes can be made within the navigation service (i.e. Apple Maps) and not the Breezeway mobile app.

If there are multiple tasks for the same property-

  • If those tasks appear consecutively in the Today view, then only 1 destination will be pushed into the navigation service.

  • If multiple tasks for the same property are not listed consecutive in the Today view, the same destination will be pushed multiple times.

Known Limitations

  • Apple Maps- Up to 13 destinations can be pushed.

  • Google Maps- Up to 10 destinations can be pushed.

  • Device Browser- If the device does not have Apple or Google Maps, the mobile app will link out to Google Maps in the device browser, and only 2 destinations will be pushed.

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