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Step 4: Updating the General Settings

This article explains how to update and modify your General Settings page.

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Step 4 asks that you configure your General Settings to ensure that your account is set-up correctly for you and your team.

You can watch a short video on the process, here.

General Settings

You can access your General Settings by selecting the icon with your initials/picture in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen until you see a black menu appear. Here, you'll want to select Settings.

This will then launch you into your Account Settings and, in particular, direct you to your General Settings page. Here, you'll be able to control and manage how the platform will work for you and your team.


The Operations section allows you to enable and modify particular features for your account.

  • Approve tasks after completion: This is an optional task status reserved for Administrators and Supervisors. This status is typically used to differentiate completed tasks that have been reviewed and vetted by management.

  • Reps can accept or decline tasks: This feature allows specific users the ability to accept or decline a job assigned to them within a given timeframe.


The Supplies section allows you to enable and manage the use of supplies on your account.

  • Supplies - This setting will enable the use of supplies for the account

  • Enabling inventory management - This allows you to record/upload a list of commonly used or replaced items at your properties so your staff can log these items.


The Reservations section allows you manage and customize how reservations will appear in your account.

When the feature is turned on for accounts, we will set the account automatic checkout and check-in times to predetermined times.

  • Automatic checkout will be set to 11:00am

  • Automatic check-in will be set to 4:00pm

These times are based on the property time zone.


Default check-in and check-out time:

  • If a reservation doesn't have designated check-in and checkout times, Breezeway will default to these.

  • If Breezeway integrates with your property management software, the check-in and checkout times of each individual reservation take precedence over the default times.

Automatic check-in and check-out time:

  • The automatic time allows users to set a specific time that they want to mark properties as checked-in and checked out.

Reservation calendar info:

  • Choose how you would like reservation information to display in the reservation bar on the schedule.

    - Guest Name (default): Shows the first and last name on the reservation.
    - External ID: Shows the reservation ID provided from your integration.
    - Guest Name & External ID: Shows both first/last name and the reservation ID.

Property Holds:

  • If your integration provides holds/blocks, you can choose to add those to the schedule in Breezeway. Note: this is not available with all integrations, so please contact our team to see if you can use this.

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