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Guide - Multiple Templates
Guide - Multiple Templates
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At Breezeway we understand that each property is unique, as well as the importance of having the flexibility to customize Guide for groups of properties, as well as individual properties. Now you can create multiple Guide templates and tailor them to each of your properties!

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Getting Started

When you navigate to Guide in Breezeway, you'll land on the Template page. This will list all of the templates you've created, and allow you to create a New Template. The Property column will give you the number of properties that are using that specific template. Clicking on the Template Name will take you directly into that template.

  • Each property can have 1 template. Properties that do not have a targeted template will use the Default Template.

  • By hovering over the row of an existing template, you will have the option to duplicate a template by selecting the Square icon. When you duplicate a template, the layout, content, settings and local recommendations will be duplicated.

  • You can also delete a template by clicking the Trash icon that appears.

    • If a template is deleted, any properties previously using that template will begin using the Default Template.

Creating a New Template

Once you select the New Template button, you'll be taken to the the layout page, which will have a default setup. You can name the template and it will automatically save, and you can go back to the Template page by selecting Guide templates in the top left corner.

Adding Templates to Properties

From the Property Page

There is a new filter on the Property page, Guide Templates. This filter will show you which properties are using a specific template.

You can use Bulk Actions to add a template to multiple properties. Check the box(es) for the properties where you want to add a specific template, and the option for Bulk Actions will appear. Select Bulk Edit Properties and there is dropdown for Guide Template which will allow you to select a template for those selected properties.

From the Property Profile

You can also change a Guide template for an individual property on the Property Profile page, under the General tab.

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