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Connect PointCentral & Breezeway

Learn how to connect PointCentral & Breezeway to enable the integration.

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Connecting PointCentral with your Breezeway account will allow property managers to take advantage of the following features:

  1. The ability to view a guest's PointCentral lock access code in Breezeway, for use in the Messaging and Guide product.

  2. Allow staff assigned to complete tasks upon guest departure to be notified when a guest has departed early. This is triggered when a guest enters the checkout code in their PointCentral lock!

To learn more about the PointCentral integration, visit the article below.

Step 1: Create an administrator login using the Property Manager Portal

  1. Log into the Property Manager Portal

  2. Click Users.

  3. Click Manage Logins.

  4. Click Add a Login.

  5. In the Email Address field, enter your email address

  6. In the Login Name field, enter "Breezeway-", followed by your company name.

  7. Verify Administrator is selected.

  8. Click Save.

  9. An email will be sent to set up the password for the login.

Once the account is created and a password is set, follow the steps below from your Breezeway account.

Finding your Group ID

Group ID โ€“ This is found in the Partner Portal (administrator website).

  1. Log into the PointCentral Partner Portal

  2. Hover over the Customer tab and select Customer Groups

Step 2: Add the PointCentral integration to Breezeway

  1. Visit the Settings > Integrations page (only accessible by Administrators)

  2. Click Add on the PointCentral integration

3. Enter the following information:

a. Username: Login name created (will be Breezeway-yourcompanyname as created in Step 1 above)

b. Password: the password created once the account was created

4. Click Connect

Step 3: Match PointCentral devices to Breezeway homes

Once you click Connect - as long as the information is added correctly, we will present you with a property matching step.

Select PointCentral devices in the left column, and match them with your Breezeway properties in the right column.

As matches are created, they will be displayed in the Matched properties section at the bottom of the page.

Once complete, click Complete onboarding in the top right hand corner.

Updating PointCentral Devices & Breezeway Properties

After initial onboarding and mapping homes to devices, you can always come back to update the mapped homes.

This should be done as new PointCentral locks are added to homes, and need to be added to Breezeway.

To do this, visit the Settings > Integrations page, and find your PointCentral integration.

Select the menu on the right hand side, and then click Settings.

This will open the page with your existing mapped properties & devices.

From here, select the Match properties button in the top right hand corner.

We will repull the new devices from PointCentral, and display any Breezeway properties that are not already connected to a PointCentral device.

Map the devices and homes, and when complete, select Save changes in the top right hand corner.

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