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A team of hospitality professionals who are available 24/7/365 to respond to texts and phone calls received from guests during their stay.

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Save time with Breezeway Assist, a team of hospitality professionals who respond to guests' inbound messages at any hour. Easily set and edit Assist’s coverage from the Breezeway platform so you can focus on delivering the best guest experience with peace of mind.

Assist Workflow

With Assist, our team uses the information collected about your properties and reservations in Breezeway to answer questions and inquiries from guests about all types of issues. From our initial testing, we’ve found that we’ve been able to answer 85% of inbound inquiries from guests. For the remaining 15%, the team will either follow up in one of three ways: 1) SMS to your staff and update property profiles if needed, 2) create a task tagged with ‘Breezeway Assist’ for your on the ground staff to follow up for issues which are not urgent, or 3) dial outbound to your staff if there is an emergency. Here’s a visualization of the flow:

Hours of Operation

Once you’re enrolled in Assist, your company hours in Breezeway dictate when messages go into the call center. This gives you a ton of flexibility to adjust on the fly as staffing issues occur.

Did you know? We offer two Assist Packages to choose from!

  • 'After Hours' Package: with this package, your team is committed to replying to guests for 40 hours per week.

  • '24/7' Package: an upgraded option where our team manages your Breezeway inbox full time.

Adjust your hours for After Hours Support

Navigate to Settings > Company Info > Business Hours

  • Simply click on the hour you would like to change and select the desired hour. Then the system will save and update automatically.

  • In the example below, Assist will turn on at 5 PM when the hours of operations end for the day and end at 9 AM when the next day’s hours of operations begin.

Adjust your hours for 24/7 Support

Navigate to Settings > Company Info > Business Hours

  • For 24 hour coverage, the day must start and end at the same time. This signals Assist to respond to all incoming messages. This must be done for each day of the week.

  • In the example below we set 9 AM to 9 AM for 24 hour support. This is set the same all 7 days of the week.

In-Product Indicators


You will have full visibility into conversations and are able to access all of the messages sent to and from your guests at any times. You can see the “Sent to Breezeway Assist” text below inbound messages, and “Breezeway Assist” below messages sent from Breezeway Assist as indicated in the picture below to clearly distinguish which messages were handled by Breezeway Assist.


Whenever there is a non-urgent message or situation that requires your attention, our team will create tasks that are titled 'Breezeway Assist Escalation' and tagged with the 'Breezeway Assist' task tag. They will provide the necessary details to resolve the guest or property in question. Any additional, related information will be provided in comments on that task.

To see this list, simply navigate to Tasks → All Tasks → Filters → Task Tags → Breezeway Assist. To easily access this view in the future, create a saved view. To learn how to create a saved view, visit this Help Guide.

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