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Repeating/Day of the Week Messages
Repeating/Day of the Week Messages
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In addition to using check in and check out days to schedule your guest messages, you can create repeating auto-messages to go out based on a day of the week, giving you even more flexibility in how you communicate with your guests.

When you are creating a new auto message, you have the option to select Repeating when choosing an event. You can also edit an existing custom auto message to be Repeating.

Once you select Repeating from the drop down, you will be able to select the specific day of the week for that message to send. Here you can select one or multiple days. You will also determine the number of weeks the message will repeat- 1 week up to the maximum of 52 weeks. Finally, you will decide what time that message will go out each week.

Here are a some examples of how you can customize your messages:

  • Daily- select all days and repeat every 1 week

  • Weekly- select at least 1 day and repeat every 1 week

  • Monthly- select at least 1 day and repeat every 4 weeks

  • Yearly- select at least 1 day and 52 weeks

Repeating messages will send to guests on the day of arrival, regardless of check in time. Guests will receive messages on departure days up until the check out time. Messages will be sent during stays and guests could receive the same message multiple times depending on the settings.

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