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Insights: Airbnb Reviews
Insights: Airbnb Reviews

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The Reviews report will give you insight into reservation reviews, and help identify any trends in your guests' experiences.

Get an overview of Insights Reporting HERE!

This report is available for users with an active Airbnb or Airbnb reviews integration. The Reviews Report is accessible to Administrators and Supervisors only.

An active Airbnb integration is required to view Review data. Check out these two help articles to determine which integration is right for you:

Once the Airbnb integration is connected, you will begin to see Review & Rating data on the dashboard.


There are two filters available in the Reviews report-

  1. Date Range- This will default to the last 30 days, and by clicking in the field, a drop down will appear where you can adjust the dates.

  2. Property- This filter will default to all properties, but you are able to select one or more properties by clicking into the field and using the drop down.


The Summary section provides a broad overview on reservation reviews.

Category Reporting includes a drop down to specify a rating category. Once you select a category, there are a number of charts that will provide additional context into ratings and their tags.

  • You can hover over a metric to see more information and a definition of the metric.

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