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Operations Insights is a reporting tool that will give you in-depth look at your company operations and performance.

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This report is accessible for Administrators and Supervisors in your account and provides a snapshot of operational performance.

There are two filters available in the Operations report-

  1. Date Range- This will default to the last 30 days, and by clicking in the field, a drop down will appear where you can adjust the dates.

  2. Department- All departments will be selected as a default, but you can select one or more departments by clicking the field.


The Task Overview gives a broad overview on all tasks. Here you will see reporting on created, completed and outstanding tasks, as well as information on task activity by user.

Issues Overview provides insight into issues and how teams are responding to requests. This will provide valuable information on the properties with the most issues, as well as how frequently issues are being reported.

  • You can hover over a metric to see more information and a definition of the metric.

  • Clicking the arrows will expand the metric and clicking the 3 dots will give you the option to sort, export and refresh the data.

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